Are you trying to understand Big Data and Data Analytics, but confused with batch data processing and stream data processing? If so this blog is for you !

Today developers are analyzing Terabytes and Petabytes of data in the Hadoop Ecosystem. Many projects are relying to speed up this innovation…

In this blog we are going to discuss about “Immutability”.

The other end-run around the need to synchronize is to use immutable objects. Almost all the atomicity and visibility concepts in previous blogs (blog 1 & blog 2).


  • An immutable object is one whose state cannot be changed after it…

Before starting this blog, This is the continuation of my previous blog. if you have missed part 1 of this blog, Please refer to this link.

2. Publication and escape

Publishing an object means that the object can be utilized in outside the current scope.

For eg, save a reference to the object where…

As a developer, we have seen how synchronized blocks and methods can ensure that operations execute atomically, but unfortunately, it is a common misconception that synchronized is not only about atomicity or demarcating “critical sections”.

Synchronization also has another important aspect, mainly memory visibility. We want not only to prevent…

What is thread safety ?

thread-safety or thread-safe code in Java refers to code that can safely be utilized or shared in concurrent or multi-threading environment and they will behave as expected.

Thread-safety is one of the risks introduced by using threads in Java and I have seen java programmers…

What is Concurrency?

Concurrency is the ability to run several programs or several parts of a program in parallel. If a time consuming task can be performed asynchronously or in parallel, this upgrades the performance of the program by increasing the throughput and the interactivity of the program.

Few years back, computers didn’t…

django microservices

Now a days Microservices are very popular and our industry tend to move to distributed architecture. I got an opportunity to implement CAS for Django microservices. I tried to find some descriptive tutorials on the subject, but didn’t find anything except for the official documentation. …

django logo

Django is an open source python based framework that helps to build web applications. The popularity of this framework increased rapidly in last couple of years. Compare to other python-based frameworks like Flask and Pyramid, django framework is far most popular among python developers. It supports both Python 2.7 version…

Transferring data from an activity to another activity is a common use case when it comes to Android applications. This blog article describes the steps to be followed to develop a simple chat application that transfer messages from one user activity to another.


This blog is a brief discussion about supervised and unsupervised learning techniques

Supervised learning vs Unsupervised learning

Let’s start with supervised learning

Supervised learning

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